Ashley Koff: Hi. I’m dietician Ashley Koff here with Simply Natural Living, and today I’m joined by a dear friend of mine, Linda Kammins from Linda Kammins Salon And Products. And Linda, you are my go to for the tools for creating and maintaining healthy hair.

Linda Kammins: Right.

Ashley Koff: So talk to me about your tool kit.

Linda Kammins: Okay. Well my tool kits very simple, you know. I mean the ideas that I have in mind are to have the hair trimmed, and so a good tool would be that right hairdresser.

Ashley Koff: That’s right.

Linda Kammins: That knows how to cut a hair-balancing haircut; which means it’s trimmed throughout. There are no loose ends left. And that way there’s no drag on the hair when you go for the real tool, which is the wooden brush. This brush is just perfect and has just the right amount of give and it’s not like—because all of my clients say to me, I’ve got a brush like that at home, but then once they buy it they go, I didn’t have a brush like that at home at all.

Ashley Koff: Well you gave it to me and I have fine curly hair, which is a little bit of an anomaly.

Linda Kammins: Yes. Yeah.

Ashley Koff: And I was like, she’s crazy if she thinks I’m brushing my hair; it’s going to fall out and the opposite happened.

Linda Kammins: Exactly.

Ashley Koff: I grew hair

Linda Kammins: Exactly.

Ashley Koff: Thanks to it. So yeah.

Linda Kammins: Yeah, well there’s a time to brush their hair that’s really good. So like you have curly hair and sometimes you blow it straight and you don’t always want to brush it because you think it will mess with the style. So the idea would be, on the day that you’re going to wash your hair, that’s when you give yourself a good fifteen-minute brush. So some people it could be every day, and for others with curly hair, they may want to do it maybe twice a week or once a week even. So the most important thing is that day that you give it really good circulation. And it’s not just a rip through brush. You know, it’s something that you have to really concentrate on circulating on the scalp. I mean even holding your head upside down and getting the blood to the surface is really

Ashley Koff: To come up that way.

Linda Kammins: Beneficial.

Ashley Koff: And so, other tools I know, you know your shampoo, conditioner.

Linda Kammins: Yes.

Ashley Koff: You’ve got oils. Talk to me a little bit about how those are tools of the trade.

Linda Kammins: Okay. So a lot of people over process their hair; there’s this idea that hair’s dead, so nobody seems to care about the chemicals that they’re putting all over their hair. And it’s absolutely destroying the texture of their hair so one of the things, the most popular thing in the salon, is oil treatments. We do aromatherapy oil treatments. So when people talk about oils they sometimes are a little nervous like oils are..

Ashley Koff: Am I going to have a hair slick?

Linda Kammins: Yeah.

Ashley Koff: Right. Yeah. That does make me nervous.

Linda Kammins: And yes there are many oils that will do that and I’ve been working on oils for years so just the right combination works so beautifully and everybody’s different. Some people can take a lot and some people just a little, you know? So they have to kind of know where they are with that.

Ashley Koff: Right.

Linda Kammins: You know? And then once they understand it, and they’re able to give themselves their own treatments at home or come into the salon regularly and have it done. Then they start getting the life force returned to their hair and that makes a big difference.

Ashley Koff: And what about—you changed my hair dryer, so I didn’t realize how much a hair dryer—I mean it makes sense, but what’s your tool with a hair dryer.

Linda Kammins: Well there’s a lot of hair dryers that are putting off a lot of electromagnetic heat I mean like, they say all small appliances are pretty dangerous.

Ashley Koff: Right.

Linda Kammins: But this one’s pointed at the head.

Ashley Koff: Yes. That’s right.

Linda Kammins: So they have to be made well. They have to—I mean people could write to me later and ask me what do I like?

Ashley Koff: Okay. So there isn’t anything specifically to look at? You just have particular ones that you know—because you’ve evaluated them.

Linda Kammins: I’ve evaluated them, you know? And so there are a handful that I find appropriate. But the ones that are bad are usually the small dryers. You know, their engines are really building up a great deal.

Ashley Koff: It was a great tip for me because I actually—the one you recommended for me, which by the way, was not cost prohibitive, I started traveling with.

Linda Kammins: Yes.

Ashley Koff: Which is a big difference.

Linda Kammins: Yes.

Ashley Koff: So thank you.

Linda Kammins: Yes. Yes.

Ashley Koff: So we learned so much about you know, how to brush, I mean, what we should wash with, and obviously, you know, our hair dryer

Linda Kammins: Yes. Yes.

Ashley Koff: On that part. We don’t think about the tools so often so

Linda Kammins: No we don’t.

Ashley Koff: Really appreciate it. People can certainly check out your information for more. So we appreciate that. Thank you for joining us at Simply Natural Living. Your Health. Uncomplicated.